The sun beams partially through the window bringing it’s orange tint with it. The choir of birds begin their well rehearsed daily symphony. The lonely fluff of marshmallow displaced in the sky, being a good distance away from the rest of the clique. The pathetic fallacy that exists with the state of your mind and […]

The helicopter shot : MSD

Made on Procreate using very basic drop in colour technique. I wish I could travel back in time to see that very World Cup winning inning again :’).

Ying and yang

“The mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy” Making a wallpaper for a friend (which is now cropped)


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About Me

This blog was created in order to capture my thoughts, emotions and feelings that were contained in my notes folder on my iPhone. From 2015 began my little journey with writing stories that never really ended well. Majority of things I write are vague and do not have a clear ending yet they are a part who I am. Some short pieces that were written in a moment where I was overwhelmed with certain emotions. I wanted this to a beginning to something new, a method for my love for reading to return and a way for my writing to improve.

Untitled unknown. Two words which describe this blog perfectly.

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